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"Joshua Turchin proves his worth as a composer, actor and book writer, delivering a richly layered show about the lives and loves of showbiz preadolescents." - The New York Times

"Joshua Turchin is a musical theater wunderkind." - NY Post

"You don't get more emergent than Joshua Turchin." - The New York Times

"A coming-of-age story." - The Wall Street Journal

THE PERFECT FIT was listed in the 8 Things to Do With Your Kids in N.Y.C. This Weekend - The New York Times


THE PERFECT FIT sold out its entire run recently in its premiere at the inaugural RAVE THEATER FESTIVAL in New York City before it even opened. This family friendly musical features the book, music and lyrics written by twelve-year-old musical sensation Joshua Turchin. THE PERFECT FIT follows Alexandra, a driven child actor with a powerful voice who grows concerned that she is growing too old to play a child and too young to play an adult. After auditioning for a musical, she is sabotaged by a vindictive stage parent who would do anything for her daughter to succeed. THE PERFECT FIT shows how hard work can sometimes be met with twists and turns, ups and downs, and rewards in unexpected ways.


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